Cookie Policy

Last Modified: October 5 2021

This Cookies Policy (the “Policy”) explains cookies generally, how We use cookies, and steps You can take to control cookies.

Please read this Policy carefully. You may access this Policy at any time by clicking on the “Cookies Policy” link on our landing page. If You disagree with this Policy, please do not use the Website. reserves the right to make lawful changes as needed to this Policy and recommends that You periodically check this Policy to see if there have been any changes.

A cookie is an alphanumeric identifier and/or a small file that a server may store on a hard drive or solid-state drive of a computer that You use to access a website. We may set a cookie (often referred to as a first party cookie) on Your computer, for example, when You visit Our Website, when You create a customer account, or when You purchase a product from the Website. One of Our service providers may set a cookie (often referred to as a third party cookie) on Your computer in furtherance of the service they provide. A cookie may, for example, enable the Website to remember Your preferences and to recognize You or Your computer when You re-access the Website after an earlier session on the Website has ended. We can use this aspect of a cookie to greet You when You re-access the Website.

There are two main types of cookies. The two types may be referred to as first party and third party cookies. Our Website sets first-party cookies. Third parties set third-party cookies. The third parties may be Our service providers. The third parties may use their third-party cookies to provide their services. Both first party and third party cookies are set to the hard drive or solid state drive of Your computer.

Some cookies are persistent cookies, which are cookies saved on Your computer. Persistent cookies can last anywhere from minutes to years after You quit Your browser. Other cookies may be session cookies, which are deleted when You quit Your browser.

Generally, We use first party cookies as visitor (Your) preference cookies or operational cookies. Visitor preference cookies may remember Your preferences and the information You provide. For example, visitor preference cookies may remember Your username, Your currency preference, and Your decision regarding Your agreement with this Policy. Operational cookies, include authentication cookies, which are stored when You log into Your customer account, and technical cookies, which may be used to determine whether certain features of Your browser are enabled and to maintain a secure session for You during Your visit. We must use operational cookies in order for certain aspects of the Website to function. For this reason, operational cookies do not require Your consent.

Generally, third party cookies may be created with domains that are not the domain of Our Website. Third party cookies may include, for example, analytics cookies used to measure the number of unique visitors to the Website, to improve the Website, and to measure how users interact with Website. Third party cookies may include, for example, multimedia content player session cookies (flash cookies) that may be set by third parties such as Shopify, and may be used for the duration of a session to store technical data needed to play back video or audio content (e.g., image quality, network link speed, and buffering parameters). You may review and accept the terms of use and third party cookie policies of a third party service provider before using the content from the service provider. We use well-known, stable, and secure service providers to provide You with services through Our Website. We have no control over the terms of use or cookie policies of any third party service provider.

Additionally, with or without the aid of a cookie, You may link to the domains of external providers (e.g., like Facebook or Twitter) from Our Website. We have no control over the terms of use or cookie policies of any external provider that You may link to from Our Website.

We use cookies to improve Your experience with Our Website. Some of the cookies We use are required to operate the Website and cannot be disabled.

Other cookies may be subject to the cookies policies of Our service providers. You may find information regarding Our service providers’ use of cookies and may be able to control some of those cookies, from a respective service provider’s cookie policy on the service provider’s website. If You would like to review the policies of Our service providers, please send a request for a list of service providers to [email protected]. We will be happy to provide You with such a list.

You can use Your browser’s controls to stop accepting cookies or to block cookies. You may also be able to use Your browser’s controls to delete cookies already stored on Your computer. The controls related to cookies vary. The controls for cookies may be found, for example, in the browser’s preferences, privacy, help, or general settings areas. If You stop accepting cookies or if You block cookies, You may not be able to use certain features of, and may not be able to navigate through, the Website.